The UK faces unprecedented challenges in balancing the increase in cases of Covid-19 with its need to enable people to work safely. Here we investigate how a British innovation is helping employees and providing them with the tools needed to safely undertake their day to day business.

With Covid-19 cases back on the rise and lockdowns re-emerging in the UK, figures from BUPA suggest that as much as 65% of adults are anxious about returning to the office, with many fearful of putting themselves at risk.  

However, businesses and government departments have been quick to put measures in place, to allay fears and reassure the employees undertaking critical work that the organisation is taking their health and safety seriously.

A recent report by the CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, shows that organisations are taking measures to provide for a safe workspace.  

The results show that more than 80% have implemented strict social distancing measures, with nearly 60% are providing face coverings for employees, and only a fifth currently allowing for site visitors.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of companies are conducting a phased reopening with defined percentages or groups of employees admitted over weeks or months, while more than half (52%) allowing employees to continue to work from home.

The government has called on British businesses to help their fight against Covid-19, and to develop ways in which employees can be supported in their return to work.  One such business is Yorkshire based Spärka, who have developed the innovative Krok™ Door Opener with integrated ID card/ access control card holder.

The Krok™ Door Opener fits onto most lanyards and helps to provide a safe and convenient way in which employees can protect themselves from needlessly encountering high contact touch points within the business.  

The company, which has over 55 years combined experience of providing door safety equipment and architectural ironmongery, developed the Krok™ Door Opener after realising that common touch points such as door handles and push plates, as well as other touch points, like lift buttons or entry keypads, posed some of the biggest risks of cross contamination when people returned to work.  

The Krok™ Door Opener is a simple to use door opening device that also has the ability to hold employee identification and access control cards amongst a range of additional features and benefits.  As well as being slim and ergonomically designed, the devise is made from a bespoke formula of strong and durable plastic.  As the micro-bacterial properties are built into the manufacturing process, there is no leaching or loss off effectiveness over the intended product lifetime.

Significantly reduces the spread of infection  

The simple design includes a door push / pull hook, specifically designed for use on more than 85% of all office doors, as well as a push button tool which essentially acts as a finger to push lift buttons, car entry barrier or other forms of keypad.  

The Krok™ Door Opener will therefore reduce the amount of contact the employees hands have with, such high touch surfaces, by as much as 80-90% when compared to the human hand.  

Perhaps most importantly, the device can be used in conjunction with existing business apparel, allowing their use to be quickly adopted by employees and to become part of their everyday routine.  

Often changing employee behaviour can be one of the biggest barriers to success – however,  
the simplicity of the Krok™ Door Opener means that it can be quickly adopted and requires no training before employees can put it to good use.  The device is simply attached to an existing lanyard or can be attached to a new lanyard or retractable reel.

Joshua Watkins, Managing Director of Spärka, comments: “These are unprecedented times, but it is fantastic to see government and industry coming together to provide workable solutions that significantly help to reduce the spread of infection.”  

“It’s clear that we need to get people working again but only in a safe and secure environment. This new innovation enables employees to work safely by dramatically reducing the amount of contact they have with potentially hazardous surfaces.”  

“We believe that the real benefit, however, is that they are quick and easy to deploy, and that its intuitive design means that they are popular and quickly adopted by employees.”

With so much uncertainty still ahead, it’s hard to plan with confidence, yet employers are under increasing pressure to do the right thing by putting in place measures that provide employees with a safe and secure work environment.  

The Krok™ Door Opener has already been adopted by significant businesses as well as government departments across the UK.

This clever innovation is just one of the latest initiatives from a British business that helps to break the chain of infection, is simple and scalable, but, most importantly, brings greater assurances for those required to make a safe return to work.

The Krok™ Door Opener is available nationwide. Call 0114 350 3414 or email for a sample or further informoation.


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