Our Beginnings

In July 2019, our founders Kelvin Hughes, Mark Hughes and Joshua Watkins realised that there was a gap in the market where a reliable fire door hardware company, with certification and eco-friendly packaging, should be. They decided to work together to come up with a solution.

Combined, SPÄRKA’s founders have over 65 years’ experience in construction and engineering. Mark Hughes, Kelvin’s father, had previously worked in the ironmongery industry and therefore came to the company with a comprehensive knowledge on the exact needs of consumers. They needed their door hardware to be reliable, affordable and thoroughly certified.

Kelvin had also been working in the industry for 15 years and brought his own expertise from the field. Josh’s experience in the builders’ merchant sector, which had established him as a well-known name in the industry, gave him some insight into the gap in the market that he, Mark and Kelvin were able to tap into. Their combined knowledge helped them establish SPÄRKA’s ethos.

Our founders’ back catalogue of industry knowledge means that they felt 100% able to create a company that delivered on its customers’ every need, as they know exactly how best to cater to them. SPÄRKA made a commitment to support builders: we are now looking to turn growing incoming sales leads from builders, joiners and local trade professionals back to distributors who stock SPÄRKA goods nationwide.  

Bright Sparks

SPÄRKA’s first products were our door closers, and the KROK door opener, an ID card holder with an in-built door opening device, designed to reduce contact with surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons, keypads and more. After the success of the KROK and the door closers, we were able to expand our range even further, from door hinges and handles, to escutcheons and thumb turns. Our plan was to become a place in which builders merchants can find everything they need in one location: and we have more to come in the pipeline!

Certifiable and Reliable

One of our main aims when establishing SPÄRKA was that all products would carry the very latest certifications to ensure trust amongst our customers. That’s why you can find CE and/or UCKA certifications wherever appropriate: we also ensure our products carry certifications for Certifire, FD 30/60 and IFC Certification, so customers can shop with the ultimate peace of mind.

SPÄRKA has since carved a niche by focusing our activities on offering knowledge and quality to merchant retailers and by providing market leading products, packaging and certification. As well as certifications, all products are supported by installation and user guides in the packs, giving merchant staff and end users greater access to usage and installation information. 

Giving customers as much readily available information as possible is where SPÄRKA excels. In May 2020, the official SPÄRKA YouTube channel was launched in order to provide tutorials, interviews and frequently asked questions about our products, amongst much more. Our video content is growing daily.

The Future’s Bright

We have achieved a lot at SPÄRKA since its inception, and we’re only getting started. Our expanded fire door product range, with more than 150 SKUs available in tamper-proof packs in a simple, recyclable cardboard box or recyclable plastic bag, was recently launched and is available nationwide to merchants on a next-day delivery promise.

We have plenty more exciting things in the pipeline, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to be updated as we announce them! And subscribe to our YouTube channel for FAQs, product demonstrations and interviews.





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